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Day 3 Paris – Sorbonne

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After the Notre Dame towers tour, I did some wandering on the southern side of the Seine.


I knew it was going to be a big day the next day, so I headed back to my hotel and had dinner at a local restaurant. The metro station at Cluny-La Sorbonne is very nicely decorated.


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Day 3 Paris – Notre Dame Towers

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After getting the train from Versailles, I headed to Notre Dame Cathedral and bought my ticket for the tower tours. I had seen many photos of Paris taken from these towers, and I really had to see it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed! I love the gargoyles, they’re so cool!!


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Day 3 Versailles – Heading Back to Paris

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After a long day, I headed back to the station and caught the train to Paris.
• I saw some meringues (and I bought one)


• A cool second-hand book shop


• And then made it to the very ugly station.


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Day 3 Versailles – Jardins du Château de Versailles

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After wandering through the Palace buildings, I headed outside into the gardens. As it was winter, unfortunately all the fountains were turned off (it was only 6C / 42F). I loved it anyway!


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Day 3 Versailles – Château De Versailles (Interior)

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Once I arrived at the Palace, I headed inside and got myself an audio guide. I saw lots of amazing things including:
• Halls, doors and general grand rooms


• Bedrooms


• Rooms being renovated


• Ornate ceilings


• Hall of mirrors


• Views to the outside of the Palace


Begun by Louis XIII in 1623, the château began as a hunting lodge in brick and stone, it was enlarged into a royal palace by Louis XIV. The first phase of the expansion (c. 1661–1678) included the addition of three new wings of stone (the enveloppe), which surrounded Louis XIII’s original building on the north, south, and west (the garden side).
During the second phase of expansion (c. 1678–1715), two enormous wings north and south of the wings flanking the Royal Court (Cour Royale) of the main château were added.

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