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Day 6 Brugge To Berlin – 3 Trains

all seasons in one day 6 °C
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This afternoon and evening was a big long train trip.
I got my first train from Bruges to Brussels, and then my second train to Paris Gare de l’Est.


I wandered around the station until it was time to board my third train. I took this photo during my wanders around the station – it was on it’s way to Strasbourg.


And my third train was an overnight train to Berlin. Somewhere along the line it broke in two and the other half went to Munich. I had the top bunk on the left hand side, and shared my cabin with a Polish guy that was on his way home from Spain. It was my first change to speak German again as he said his German was much better than his English!


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Day 6 Brugge – Window Shopping

all seasons in one day 6 °C
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I love window shopping in foreign cities, just to see what’s different between my local shops at home, and the shops where I’m visiting.
These beanies (Australian for wooly hats) looked very warm, but very kitchy touristy, and I doubt I would ever see the need to wear one at home in Sydney.


I have never seen cranberries in a bag fresh before! (I’ve only seen them dried, as a juice, or as a jelly for meats (like turkey) – I don’t think anyone here grows them…) And our oranges come with the stems removed.


I just loved the colours of the wool and the fabrics in this shop, so I bought some fabric for my quilting. I didn’t buy any wool, but I wish I had.


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Day 6 Brugge – Wandering Brugge

all seasons in one day 6 °C
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Getting up this morning it was quite cold and damp. I did some wandering until the rain set in.
Areas around my hotel (my room was the upper dormer window on the right hand side of the white building, and while the location was great, I won’t stay there again)


• Central Brugge with typical building architecture


• More canals including the main canal that goes to the sea


• Central Markt area


• The Belfort


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Day 6 Wandering Brugge and Heading to Germany – Europe 2013

all seasons in one day 6 °C
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I spent the morning wandering some more around Brugge. It was quite wet, so I took a hot-on-hop-off bus, but basically just stayed on the bus for most of the morning.
As the weather cleared in the afternoon, I did some window shopping.
Late in the afternoon, I made my way back to Paris on local and Thalys trains, then took the City Night Line train to Berlin.


The posts will be:
• Wandering Brugge
• Brugge Shopping
• Trains to France and Germany
The average temperature in Bruges was 6C / 42F with some rain, and I did 13,077 steps on my fitbit.

Youtube Video

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Day 5 Brugge – Wandering Around The City (After Dark)

all seasons in one day 6 °C
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Brugge at night is just as fun as during the day. I re-visited some of the places I went to during the day. I saw:
• Canals and Bridges


• Open Market Areas


• Archways and doors


• Old Buildings


• Food and drink at the markets


I also had dinner in a local restaurant – omelette and pom fritter

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