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NZ 2016 – Day 1 - Christchurch – Part 6 – August 2016

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Colombo Street

I walked along Colombo Street for a while. This area had been cordoned off when I was in Christchurch in 2013.


Cashel Street Re:START Mall

I headed towards the Cashel Street Re:START mall, but unfortunately, the shops were all shut as it was too late. I was actually hoping I would find somewhere for dinner, but no such luck.
There was also some cute street art.
When I was here in 2013 the container mall was bigger, as the new buildings that were almost finished hadn't even started being built.
"Re:START is a temporary mall built from shipping containers in Christchurch Central City, New Zealand. It was a response to the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, which destroyed most buildings in City Mall (Cashel and High Streets), and resulted in the central city being cordoned off from public access while buildings were being demolished. Initially considered a short-term response to the lack of permanent buildings, Re:START is popular with locals and tourists alike and remains open for business." Wikipedia


Bridge of Remembrance

Continuing along Cashel Street I came to the Bridge of Remembrance. I remembered this bridge from my visit in 2013.
"A stone bridge spanning the Avon River with a large ornate archway spanning the East end of the bridge. It is a War Memorial erected by the citizens of Christchurch to initially honour the sacrifice made during the 1914–1918 Great War, in 1923." Christchurch City Council


Avon River

The features along the Avon river were all lit up as well.



I couldn't find anywhere that was open late on a Sunday night for dinner, so I figured I'd head back to the hotel and have dinner in their restaurant, which is something I really never do. Fortunately, I found an Indian restaurant across the road from the hotel, Mumbaiwala, and had a very nice dinner there. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes Indian street food. It has only recently opened and reminded me of an Indian restaurant I used to frequent when I was staying in Perth.

Photos of these sites in 2013


Walking Map

This is the map of where I walked - This post covers points 14-15 & 1

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NZ 2016 – Day 1 - Christchurch – Part 5 – August 2016

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Isaac Theatre Royal

Leaving the cathedral square I could see the Isaac Theatre Royal through what is now an open space, which was probably a building before the earthquakes.
"When work on the third incarnation began on 20 November 1906 the Christchurch Press confidently stated that the building would be ‘one of the most modern and comfortable south of the line’. The Australian brothers Sydney and A.E. Luttrell designed the original French Renaissance-style building, and acted as architects and structural engineers during its 15-month construction." Isaac Theatre Royal Official Website


New Regent Street

I made my way to New Regent Street via Tramway Lane.
New Regent Street - the most beautiful street in New Zealand. On 1 April 1932, New Regent Street was opened by the Mayor of Christchurch, Daniel Sullivan who described it as "the most beautiful street in New Zealand". Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism Website

This street was closed when I was here in 2013 due to the earthquakes, so it was great to be able to walk down it and see the mosaic tiles on the store fronts, and the different coloured painted facades. Apparently, the street reopened just a few weeks after I was there in 2013.


Tram in New Regent Street
[video provider=youtube videoid= gyjLnJhwNkg]

Old Government Buildings / Heritage Hotel

Heading back towards the south, I came across some old sandstone buildings, the Old Government Buildings, built in 1909, which is now the Heritage Hotel.


Photo of New Regent Street during my visit in 2013

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NZ 2016 – Day 1 - Christchurch – Part 4 – August 2016

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Christchurch Cathedral

The Christchurch Cathedral was built between 1864 and 1901. Unfortunately, it has been badly damaged in the recent earthquakes, and part of the front façade was demolished after the earthquakes. There is great debate at the moment as to what to do with the cathedral - demolish it or restore it, and the courts are involved. Personally, I think it would be great to see it restored, however, if it's as badly damaged as the experts say it is, then to create a new 'modern' cathedral might be the way to go.


Photos of the Cathedral from 2013


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NZ 2016 – Day 1 - Christchurch – Part 3 – August 2016

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Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square, locally known simply as the Square, is the geographical centre and heart of Christchurch, New Zealand, where the city's Anglican cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral is located. The square stands at the theoretical crossing of the city's two main orthogonal streets, Colombo Street and Worcester Street, though in practice both have been either blocked off or detoured around the square itself. - Wikipedia

Looking down Worcester Boulevard I could see Cathedral Square. When I was here in 2013, this section of the city was closed and was part of the "Red Zone" as a result of the 2011 earthquake, so it was great to be able to get into the square this time.


John Godley Statue

Commemorating the founder of Canterbury, the statue was unveiled in 1867 in the square. The statue fell from its plinth in the 2011 earthquake and took four years for it to be returned to its position. - Wikipedia

I was so glad to see the statue returned to its rightful position in the square


Christchurch Chief Post Office

The building was initially a post office with other government services, and until the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, it was a Visitor Information Centre. Since the 2011 earthquake, it has been closed. - Wikipedia

It was a pity I couldn't get close to the building, as the area was boarded up.

Street Art

There was lots of street art within the square



The Chalice, a large piece of modern sculpture in the form of an inverted cone, has stood in the square since 2000. - Wikipedia

This was a pretty cool looking cone, and I'm glad it was in the square to give it some life.



The Christchurch tram (a tourist tram) has a stop within the Cathedral Square. It runs in a loop around the city.


Damaged buildings

All around Cathedral Square, there are buildings still damaged from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes that are either currently being restored or are boarded up waiting their fate. There are also bare patches of ground waiting for their new buildings.


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NZ 2016 – Day 1 - Christchurch – Part 2 – August 2016

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Botanical Gardens


Within the botanical gardens is the Christchurch i-Site, their tourist information centre. I was just in time to be able to go in before it closed, and arranged tickets for the following day. I bought a pass that covered the tram, gondola and punting. I was told to get to the punting early and to see if there were any spaces available on the early punts.

Peacock Fountain

Whilst at the botanical gardens, I also saw the Peacock Fountain, bought by the Christchurch Beautifying Society from money bequeathed by John Thomas Peacock, which was first unveiled in 1911 in a different location. It has been at its current location in the botanical gardens since 1996.


Canterbury Museum

Right next door to the botanical gardens is the Canterbury Museum. Fortunately, this building had been upgraded for earthquakes before the recent earthquakes and was undamaged.


Worcester Boulevard

Leaving the botanical gardens I headed along Worcester Boulevard.


Christchurch Art Gallery

At the corner of Worcester Blvd and Montreal Street is the Christchurch Art Gallery - Te Puna o Waiwhetu, a modern looking building with a glass facade, which opened in 2003.


Avon River

Continuing along Worcester Blvd, I came to the Avon River again, where the trees were in flower, and the badly damaged Our City O-Tautahi.


Walking Map

This is the map of where I walked - This post covers points 5, 7 & 8


Photos of these sites in 2013


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